Salat – Contact Prayer in the Quran


This video provides Quranic evidence about the origins of Al- Salat and deals with the many misconceptions surrounding Al-Salat. It is widely believed that Quran does not provide details or guidance regarding the Islamic rituals such as Salat. In this video, we point out Quranic verses that provides qur’anic evidence of how the Al-Salat is part of the Millat – e- ibrahim , handed down as a practice over generations, purified and restored by the Prophet Muhammad at the Sacred house of God and is preserved for our guidance (3:95-97).

In Part 2 of the Salat series, we explore how the Abrahamic Salat has to be observed in accordance with the commandments of the Quran . The video exposes how the corruptions ,innovations and false traditions that have crept into the Salat have distorted the pure Salat as practiced by the Prophet Muhammad. This video provides the details of how the pure Salat has to be observed .

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